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Client & Projects Executive
Plaines Wilhelms

Our client, in the advertising sector, is looking for a Client & Projects Executive

Reporting to the General Manager, the successful candidate will be responsible for:

Main responsibilities:
  • Responsible for liaising between the client and other agency staff to coordinate any campaigns, may it be advertising, branding, digital, events, PR.
  • Liaise closely with the agency clients throughout project campaigns.
  • Manage administrative and campaign work, ensuring that this is all completed on time and on budget.
  • Have an excellent entrepreneurial mindset which allows him/her to think about the clients/ agency’s projects at large and beyond the basics of project management. Ultimately, he/she shepherd the overall effort and is responsible for the success and failure of the project.
  • Make knowledge and information flow through the client / team seamlessly. They should be technical enough and have first-hand knowledge about the tasks he is initiating and assigning to others.
  • The project executive is responsible for the thinking, management (administration and financial), implementation and reporting of the project.
  • Lead on Project write up, prepare sponsorship documents when required, convinced sponsors /clients, rolling up of the project, managing calendars, teaming people up to bring the project to success.
  • Responsible for developing new business ideas and revenues lines for the agency
  • Client & Project Executive also contributes to develop campaigns. Tasks typically involve:
  1. Meeting and liaising with clients/sponsors to discuss and identify their requirements;
  2. Working with agency colleagues to devise a project campaign that meets the brief and budget;
  3. Presenting the project campaign ideas and budget to the client / sponsors;
  4. Brief third-party suppliers, media, creative and research staff, and assisting with the formulation of the best marketing strategies;
  5. Negotiating with clients and agency staff about the details of campaigns;
  6. Presenting creative work to clients/sponsors for approval or modification;
  7. Handling budgets, managing project campaign costs and invoicing clients;
  8. Writing client reports;
  9. Monitoring the effectiveness of project campaigns;
  10. Undertaking administration tasks;
  11. Arranging and attending meetings;

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