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Our client, an NGO, is looking for a Manager

Reporting to the Board, the successful candidate will be responsible to manage the NGO and it's staff in line with the established Vision and Mission of the Association.
To define and implement the strategic objectives of the NGO with a view to fulfilling its role as a key player in the Social Field.

Main responsibilities:
Team Management
  • Act as an effective leader and role model through a strong work ethic, sound professionalism, creative problem-solving strategies, and a flexible and adaptable approach to the roles and responsibilities of the post.
    Manage staff members according to policies and procedures that fully conform to current Mauritian laws and regulations.
  • Establish and communicate performance standards and implement recognition and disciplinary measures as and when required.
  • Conduct timely reviews, provide constructive feedback and implement improvement plans with clear targets.
    Manage Staff planning with regard to project assignments, workload, time management, skill sets, sick leave and vacation to achieve optimum efficiency of resources at all times.
  • Instill a teamwork environment and a collaborative working relationship with and among all staff.
  • Manage the development of team members through appropriate new and on-going training and assessment.
  • Ensure temporary staff, volunteers and those on Internships are managed, supported and assessed appropriately.
  • Build and maintain the NGO’s culture amongst team members.
  • Prepare the yearly budget, in collaboration with the Accounts/Administrative Executive, to submit to Board for review and approval.
  • Oversee the management of revenue and expenses and ensure they remain within the agreed budget.
  • Prepare budgets for proposed projects.
  • Provide monthly updated financial reports for the Board's review and comment.
  • Programmes and Projects
  • Propose rehabilitation and reintegration projects in line with NGO’s Vision and Mission and submit to the
  • Board for review and approval.
  • Maintain excellent interpersonal communication with staff, stakeholders and all those who come into contact with the Association.
  • Keep updated Service Reports on NGO’s performance and take appropriate actions when necessary to maximize utilization of resources and quality service delivery.
  • Communicate Service Reports to Board Members on a monthly basis and comment appropriately.
  • Hold progress meetings with Coordinators, Accounts/Administrative Executive and any other staff reporting directly to him on a weekly basis or as and when required.
  • Organise staff meetings twice monthly or as and when required, to keep personnel informed of all matters within the Association.
  • Represent the Association at professional events as and when appropriate.
  • Develop a communication strategy to promote/enhance the image of the NGO.
Key Relationship
  • Establish productive relationships with partners (Prison Administrator, NGO, Government Bodies, Private Sector, Sponsors, Media, etc….) to promote the role and image of the NGO in the Social Field
  • Investigate new and fruitful networking opportunities with interested parties to extend the exposure of the work the Association provides.
  • Prepare and keep updated policies and procedures for the efficient running of the NGO
  • Ensure that day-to-day operations/activities comply with established policies and procedures at all times
  • Keep abreast of all pertinent legislation in order to maintain the NGO in compliance herewith
  • Ensure a safe and positive working environment is established for staff and visitors and monitor all off-site visits to ensure staff are familiar with, abide by and are supported through the safe working policies of these locations.
  • Degree or Diploma holder with at least 5 years’ experience in managing an NGO or similar experience
Candidate profile
  • Socially active
  • Kindness/Empathy
  • Able to lead with a vision

Adecco reserves the right:
To call only the shortlisted candidates for interview
Not to make any appointment following this advertisement nor to assign any reason whatsoever for accepting or rejecting any candidate.

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