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General Manager
Port Louis

Our client is looking for a General Manager (to be based in Madagascar)

Reporting to the CEO and the Board, the successful candidate will be responsible for the general management of the business unit on the strategic, tactical and operational levels through the setting-up, coordination, delegation, supervision and adjustment of all marketing, sales/commercial and operations activities in the country while abiding by the Group’s policies and strategic plans and delivering the results approved by the Board of Directors.  

To provide direction and leadership to the management and employees of the organisation towards achievement of strategic goals of the Group through product development and promotional strategy, marketing, effective sales, people management and quality service. The incumbent is responsible for modelling and acting in accordance with the Group’s guiding principles.

Main responsibilities:
  • Develop a business plan for the overall growth and performance of the business unit.
  • Implement sales strategies for products of the Company and ensures sales targets are achieved.
  • Ensure that appropriate customer relations management systems are in place for effective service delivery to customers.
  • Work on sales plan for various market/product segments based on Sales Volume, Turnover and Gross Profit on a monthly basis.
  • Devise proper sales and marketing strategy for the year based on plans, elaborating on market analysis, competitor’s analysis as well as such expenses or capex related to sales.
  • Define short- and long-term projects and qualitative project targets for direct reports.
  • Gain Steering Committee approval to plans and strategies as well as budgets which meet the SBU’s objectives and guidelines.
  • Ensure that the approved business plans are implemented, monitored within the country organisations and exercise necessary control for the SBU’s interests.
  • Ensure that the Company’s vision, values, policies and priorities are translated into meaningful and achievable action plans.
  • Build and capitalise on a strong Marketing Intelligence Unit which provides a reliable source of information on customers’ profile, products, competition, suppliers etc. to initiate sound marketing decisions and take value added initiatives.
  • Explore avenues for commercial development and business expansion and work in close collaboration with Group Chief Executive Officer.
  • Ensure that the business unit’s cash flows are managed in accordance with corporate guidelines.
  • Consolidate budget estimates and work on long term planning for submission to the line Managers.
  • Ensure that finance is managed in accordance with guidelines and control systems laid out by internal audit are strictly adhered to.
  • Ensure that the treasury, tax, accounting and purchasing functions operate at optimum level within the policies and guidelines set by the Company.
  • Monitor operating expenses on a monthly basis.
  • Create and maintain relationships to large accounts by regular visits.
  • Oversee the adequacy and soundness of the financial structure of each business unit.
  • Respect deadlines for submission of reports to the Head Office.
  • Elaborate yearly sales plans in agreement with Group Chief Executive Officer.
  • Monitor sales performance (sales calls, reporting, service/selling ratio, etc.).
  • Prepare, execute and follow up regular sales/suppliers/stakeholder meetings.
  • Ensure that all operations have effective management teams capable of delivering results as per and beyond objectives.
  • Establish regular meetings with the managers of operations/division/profit centres to ensure that products and services are being marketed effectively by trained teams.
  • Provide direction to the team for achievement of the objectives based on approved individual plans and ensure that teams are adequately trained.
  • Hold regular communications sessions with team to ensure involvement, participation and exchange of information in a fair and transparent manner.
  • Ensure that the businesses are managed properly, monitored and controlled in line with corporate policies and guidelines.
  • Ensure that all the personnel have proper job descriptions and profiles together with performance objectives.
  • Participate actively in the hiring and selection process, conduct performance evaluation, ensure efficiency and act as a mentor when required.
  • Ensure that performance appraisals are made completed in a timely manner every year.
  • Actively participate in the training and development of the management and succession planning.
  • Ensure that the responsibilities, authorities and accountability of all direct subordinates are defined and understood.
  • Ensure that the management team and the workforce in general operate in a motivating environment and thus providing strong support in HR systems such as reward and compensation, welfare, career planning etc. It is important to see to it that fairness, equity and transparency prevail in the application of these systems.
  • Ensure subordinates’ discipline and code of conduct.
  • Ensure that the Company assets are properly utilised and safeguarded.
  • Ensure that the logistics in place are cost effective including contracting out at competitive prices when required.
  • Ensure that the internal tools are fully implemented and working effectively.
  • Ensure effective supplier relationships management.
  • Ensure that the corporate guidelines on Safety, Health and Environmental processes are implemented.
  • Ensure that the IT support to the SBU’s activities benefits all the departments and users in terms of analysis, decision-making, information flow, communications inside and outside the business unit.
  • Consolidate country specific figures and country information are updated on a regular basis.
  • Participate at the end of each month to the Management Committee in view of presenting the country’s previous month results together with a forecast for the next month.
  • Elaborate monthly reports about market, competitors, customers and key events to facilitate decision making at Board level.
  • Drive changes as appropriate and ensures that initiatives taken at the executive and management level are implemented
  • Ensure that the provisions of the Group’s Code of Ethics are followed by job incumbent and all employees of the business unit.
Qualification and experience:
  • A Degree in Sales and Marketing or Business Management or any other relevant acceptable qualifications.
  • An MBA would constitute an advantage.
  • A minimum of 8 years management experience in a dynamic and constantly evolving business environment.
  • A minimum of 3 years in a Manufacturing business sector would be an advantage.
Candidate profile:
  • Excellent international product knowledge and country macro and micro-environment.
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication and analytical skills.
  • Strong sales and customer orientation.
  • Strong HR skills to manage, lead and develop team.
  • Sound financial management skills.
  • Effective project management skills.

Adecco reserves the right:
To call only the shortlisted candidates for interview
Not to make any appointment following this advertisement nor to assign any reason whatsoever for accepting or rejecting any candidate.

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