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Operations Manager – Mechanical
Port Louis
Rs 100,000 and above

Operations Manager – Mechanical
Reporting to the COO, the Operations Manager will be responsible for setting up and maintaining an effective operational framework in order to help the company achieve its strategic and business objectives as follows:
    1. Plan, delegate, control and act on Mechanical Operations (estimating, supply, fabrication, assembly, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of HVAC and Public Health & Fire Fighting systems) to ensure that same are being carried in the most effective manner and to the satisfaction of all stakeholders
    2. Continuously improve the operational effectiveness of Mechanical Operations
    3. Ensure that all documents (archival, operational and administrative) are up to date and properly maintained
    4. Maintain administration, budgeting, monitoring, reporting, communications and liaison at a level acceptable to the COO
    5. Ensure that Mechanical Operations are being managed within the set parameters at all times 
    6. Ensure proper coordination and communication of between various departments
    7. Adopt a Client centered approach in line with the company’s strategic and business objectives
    8. Adopt a continuous improvement attitude
    9. Liaise with Clients in correspondences and Client & Site meetings
    10. Play a significant role in long term planning with the view to delivering operational excellence
    11. Drive initiatives that would contribute to long-term operational excellence
    12. Implement, maintain and manage an effective system of controls covering operational as well as financial controls
    13. Develop, maintain and monitor a risk log for Mechanical Operations
    14. Ensure proper management of the assets of the Mechanical departments
    15. Provide support to overseas operations as and when required
    16. Act as Contract Manager (as per Contract Manager job description) on projects as and when required and at the request of the COO
    17. Ensure that a lean procurement system is maintained at all times 
    18. Ensure that a proper  management system is maintained at all times
    1. Participate in design of Mechanical Services
    2. Keep up to date with new technology
    3. Adopt an innovation centric approach with regards to Mechanical Operations
    4. Setting up of an engineering unit and the management of same with a view of achieving technical excellence. The following shall form part of this engineering unit:
      1. Verification of the technical accuracy and adequacy shop drawings
      2. Value Engineering and proposal of alternative designs
      3. Responsible for the design aspect for design & build projects
      4. Quality control
      5. Drawing office
      6. Commissioning
    5. Ensure that necessary coordination is carried out with other services
    6. Ensure that a draft copy of Operation & Maintenance manual & as-made drawings are submitted at least 3 weeks prior to the scheduled completion of projects
    7. Ensure that snags are carried out within a maximum period of 2 weeks following the issue of a snag list unless otherwise agreed with the COO
    8. Ensure that technical support is provided to the Commercial Department
    1. Assist the COO in developing an environment with systems and processes that will enable and encourage business opportunities
    2. Attend meetings with prospective Clients/Clients/Clients’ representatives as and when required
    3. Provide technical input and estimates to the tendering and commercial department for tenders/quotations
    4. Liaise with overseas suppliers as and when required
    5. Work in strict collaboration with the commercial and marketing department to achieve the company’s commercial objectives
    6. Assist the COO in developing business relationships
    1. Work in collaboration with the QSHE department to write and vet procedures
    2. Ensure that company quality procedures are fully implemented
    3. Actively influence quality on sites by visiting sites and assessing quality of works
    4. Set up and maintain an efficient and independent quality control system for mechanical operations
  • HR
    1. Planning of resources for Mechanical operations on a frequency as established by the COO
    2. Provide training to collaborators
    3. Identify training needs for collaborators
    4. Work in collaboration with the HR department to design training for collaborators
    5. Ensure that appropriate standards of conduct are established and complied with throughout the team
    6. Implement effective succession planning, people management, development, recruitment and retention strategies
    7. Work in conjunction with the Health & Safety officer to ensure statutory compliance with Health & Safety legislation and reviewing procedures with the approval of the COO
    1. Ensure that the level of service provided in the aftersales departments is to an excellent level
    2. Act in such a manner that service to Clients are dispensed in a prompt manner
    3. Implement and monitor a spare parts management policy 
    4. Set up and monitor a customer complaint management system
    5. Work in collaboration with the COO to set up and monitor a warranty policy
    1. Responsible for the profitability of operations and ensure that budgeted margins are achieved. Every effort should be done to improve on budgeted margins as well. 
    2. Responsible for preparing budgets and forecasts on a bi-annual basis
    3. Manage and monitor the budget while ensuring best value in all expenditures
    4. Responsible for the overall profitability of Mechanical Operations
    5. Attend business reviews as and when required
    6. Work in collaboration with the finance department to main a healthy cash flow
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